Salina Women Taking Fibromyalgia message on National TV

SALINA, Kansas – Two Salina women who are being treated for fibromyalgia are taking their message of hope nationwide by appearing on the Joan London Show on Discovery Health.

Peggy Guard and Louise Dupes appear in a testimonial video describing their pain from fibromyalgia.

"My pain level at this point with a dose of pain meds about a half hour ago is probably a six," said.

Now, more than a year later, their stories are different. They have either no pain or very little pain. Peggy and Louise took a new treatment for fibromyalgia that repositions muscles along the spinal chord, which in turn relieves their pain.

"The patient actually feels, they tell me the pain just seems to go away to melt away," Dr. Doug Kempton, chiropractor.

Peggy and Louise say their lives are a total 180. They are enjoying the things that used to be so painful.

"I can go shopping now, I can go to the grocery store and finish my entire shopping trip without sitting down to rest," said Peggy.

"The first time I came off that table, I jumped on my feet and was up and had my arms up and it was like hallelujah," said Louise.

Because of their life-changing experiences, the two have been invited to be guests on the Joan London show that will air on Discovery Health. They hope to get the message out to others with fibromyalgia about how the new treatment has helped them.

"It’s opened a whole new world and there's got to be a way to find fibro people and get them out there," Louise said.

Both — once skeptics of the procedure — are now hoping more lives will change.